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Please note: Due to the current lockdown in the UK, I am not currently offering in-person dates or sessions. The COVID-19 pandemic has presented unfortunate circumstances for many self-employed people like myself but I am staying positive and making use of the extra time to support friends & family and spend time in my art studio.

You can support and/or tribute me with vouchers from John Lewis, Cowshed, Etsy or Amazon, or ask me for my PayPal details. 

If you wish to get in touch about a future booking, please do – it’s always nice to have things to look forward to!

You can also see more of me in the meantime by subscribing to my OnlyFans where I post lots of uncensored photos, videos and also take custom requests:


If you know what you want and you’re ready to extend an invitation, you can contact me at Please include your name, contact details, some suggested dates and times that might work for you, what you’d like us to do together and where you found me.

Otherwise, feel free to continue exploring my website or follow me on Twitter for more updates on my life and adventures.