“From the top of her head to the tips of her toes – Suzie Blue is gorgeous! Bubbly and delightful company – our conversation flowed freely from the beginning and I got a taste of her dry sense of humour. Now all I need is a cure for the persistent daydreams about that bottom of hers…” – T, June 2016

The very first moment of our date will be the moment you get to lay your eyes on me – taking in my big blue eyes, long eyelashes and perfectly kissable lips. The rest of the date is up to us. We might have a chat over a drink before I undress – you’ll enjoy watching me appear – my small yet perfectly rounded breasts, my tiny wrists and waist, my unexpectedly juicy bum, long legs, delicate ankles and adorable feet with perfectly painted nails.

Or perhaps I’ll stay dressed – in leather and heels, or a tight dress and thigh-high boots – and demand that you strip. I’ll tie your hands behind your back and demand you kneel on the floor to admire me. You will turn your full attention to my boots – kissing them and whispering your dedications to me. I’ll tell you to speak up so I can hear you clearly, and your punishment will begin. 

We might have a role-play planned, so after an initial hello, we part ways for a moment to get into character, then join again to immerse ourselves in the world of the scenario we’ve created together. Some role-plays require lots of preparation where others are fairly straight forward and open to improvisation. However even with a very scripted and detailed idea, I will always leave a little room for imagination.

We can meet out for dinner, at the theatre or a gallery, at your Central London hotel or home, or you can come to meet me in a dungeon or a bedroom I’ve booked for us. We can have a chat about what sort of energy we think we’d like to cultivate, and choose the appropriate space accordingly.