I’m Suzie. I’m an artist in the daytime and a revelation at night. I’m part provocateur, part dreamer, as well as the sweetest punk you’ll ever meet. I left London for Berlin after art school, and I’ve flirted with both cities since. Lure me from my studio and you’ll find a head full of dirty blonde ambition with a creative soul – imagine Edie Sedgwick’s rebellious little sister, with a sense of humour drier than a dirty martini. I feel most alive when I’m making things; collage, photography, music, memories, mischief.

Predictable has never been a word used to describe me. In a world full of mediocrity, I prefer experiences that are unique and exceptional. I chase new adventures, and move between worlds with ease: galleries and gig venues, dungeons and suites  – introduce me to your passions and I’ll show you mine. Ultimately, I pursue inspiring connections, which begin in public and flourish in private.

I’m a woman that knows how to take what she wants. My body – a captivating geometry of waifish edges and supple, feminine curves – thrills at a new touch.  Over the years I’ve learned that we can often be most ourselves in the arms of a stranger. Leave your clothes on the floor amongst the record sleeves. Trace my tattoos with your fingertips.

A Venus flytrap in furs, kinks have always enticed me more than straight edges. My lovers tend to have a penchant for deviance, or even just a mind full of illicit secrets. What sides of yourself are you hiding? Go on, gimme a peek. I like my cabaret non-stop.

Let me show you the things in life that you can’t find. Let’s lose ourselves and discover one another. There’s a whole world waiting in the city after midnight.

“Some girls never settle down
Some girls have houses in town
I hope you don’t think I’m a freak
But I always have to fall in love once a week
Some girls love a broken heart
Some girls love culture and art
I hope you don’t think I’m a freak
But I always have to fall in love once a week”

– Girls at our Best! (Pleasure, 1981)